Wednesday, August 03, 2005

DreamStripper Review

DreamStripper PC, developed and published by Ensign Games.
The Good: Very detailed performer, good variety of moves
The Not So Good: Only one model, tends to get old quickly
What say you? What you’d expect from a nightclub simulation: 5/8

There has been a lot of controversy recently concerning video games and inappropriate content. I think, from all the evidence we can gather, there is only one conclusion: gamers want to see naked people. Of course, gameplay usually gets in the way, usually in the form of a people simulator where you actually have to TALK beforehand. The nerve! Well, DreamStripper removes all the stuff that women like to do (conversation, a rewarding partnership, shopping) and cut straight to the chase: naughty bits!

In a game such as this, the graphics are very important. If your model does not look good, the game won’t sell very well. The one included model in DreamStripper is very detailed, with high-resolution textures. No doubt, the developers snapped some close-up pictures of a real person, and applied them to a 3-D model. You can see details such as goose bumps and small imperfections in the skin if you zoom in really close. There is only one area that is not fully detailed, and this was to preserve the equivalent of a R rating, although there may be plans to change this in the future. The sound in the game consists of background music. One of the features of the game is that you can use your own MP3s in the game. Some suggestions include:
- Pee Wee’s Playhouse
- Sesame Street
- Baby Got Back
or others. The possibilities are endless!

There are two game modes in DreamStripper, although they are essentially the same thing. In Game Mode, you use money to pay the dancer to perform for you, change outfits, or alter the lighting. Total Control Mode removes the extra clicking. Either way results in the same outcome, and all of the actions can be completed with a mouse (if you don’t know why that’s important, this is the wrong game for you). There are 24 different moves the dancer can perform; you can either queue them up, much like actions in The Sims, or after a certain amount of time, she will perform them in a random order. She has five outfits to choose from: school girl, swimsuit, leather, nurse, and maid. All of these selections are comprised of several different parts (tops and bottoms). If you ask the artist to remove a specific item of clothing, it just magically disappears, instead of her stripping it off (which is part of the fun, apparently, I wouldn’t know, I’m just saying I heard, somewhere). Isn’t this the whole point of a “stripper?” Currently, there is only one model in the game, so DreamStripper tends to get old very quickly, since you’re always admiring the same girl. Variety is the spice of life!

I’m not sure if DreamStripper really qualifies as a game. There is some interactivity, but mostly you’re just watching what happens. It’s more of a technology demo, showing the effects of high-end graphics cars and how well they can render certain objects. These objects just happen to be naked women. Ultimately, how much enjoyment could someone get from a piece of software like DreamStripper? I suppose that’s up to the user. I feel that its novelty would wear off after a couple of days or so, at least until more moves, outfits, or models are added (which there are plans for). But if you’re interested in a gentlemen’s club experience without leaving the comfort (or solitude) of your own computer, then DreamStripper may be right up your alley.