Friday, September 21, 2012

Alea Jacta Est Gameplay Review

I'm playing Alea Jacta Est, a grand strategy game by AGEOD

The game covers an interesting period of history: the Roman Civil Wars. Each of the six scenarios (a satisfying amount of content) has two or three fighting factions, with the objective to earn the most victory points by killing enemy units and holding important cities. Compared to AGEOD’s last effort, Pride of Nations, Alea Jacta Est has a more manageable scale and much shorter turn resolution. The tutorial just teaches the basics and instructs the user to read the manual for more information, and multiplayer can only be played by e-mail. The interface is very familiar to any veteran of AGEOD games, receiving no major enhancements. As before, units are organized into large groups containing several to many individual units, and each element is very detailed in its attributes. Leading each group is a commander that also has very detailed attributes that affect movement and performance in battle. Taxes are spent recruiting new units onto the field, and a range of decisions can be made to influence specific territories. Supply lines must be kept, and combat is completely automated but detailed. The AI seems to play the game decently well and is aggressive when needed, while defending when appropriate. While Alea Jacta Est plays very similarly to other AGEOD games, those with an interest in the time period will find their money well spent.