Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Bust-N-Rush Gameplay Review

I'm playing Bust-N-Rush, a procedurally-generated running and jumping game from Techtonic Games.

The game offers an objective-based “quest” mode, an infinite (until you die, of course) survival mode, and a mode where you can challenge your friends if you have any. Bust-N-Rush does not have real-time direct multiplayer, but does offer a high score list for that method of comparison. The procedurally generated levels go a long way towards making this an interesting game, since you never know which obstacles will come up next. Each map has three lanes to run down with blue objects to smash, red obstacles (lava, barrels) to jump over or move around, and special items (flipping gravity, speed increase) to vary the action even more. The difficulty level adjusts how much damage you receive by touching a red object. The objectives add another layer to the game, instructing you to destroy specific objects, collect items, jump over things, or survive for a set amount of time. The simple controls are approachable and easy to manage, though I would like “run” to be on by default to decrease the constant use of the “W” key, as the game is best played when the action is fast and/or furious. While Bust-N-Rush is a very basic game, it is enjoyable in short bursts and executes its vision well.