Monday, September 17, 2012

F1 2012 Gameplay Review

I'm playing F1 2012, a racing game by Codemasters.

Since I previously reviewed last year’s version of the game, this video will primarily concentrate on what’s new. First, the twenty-four drivers and twenty tracks of the 2012 season (including newcomer Circuit of the Americas and returning circuits Bahrain and Hockenheim, with Turkey being removed) are included. The game strives, and succeeds, to be more approachable, with a new Young Driver Test tutorial mode that is done well, and narrated strategy information videos accompany each track. The new champions mode offers multi-lap challenges to pass a specific past champion, and the season challenge cuts the number of events in half while giving you a rival driver you can swap rides with if you defeat him on the track. The multiplayer options remain the same, but the removal of Games for Windows LIVE is welcome. The races offer no noticeable changes to the AI, damage model, or handling, not that any were needed. The improved weather system soaks specific areas of each track, which can produce some interesting racing and important decisions regarding tires. The outstandingly detailed graphics remain and perform quite smoothly. The new game modes are meaningful additions, but owners of last year's F1 effort will find it hard to justify spending $50. Those drivers new to the series, however, will find a rich, approachable simulation well worth the asking price.