Wednesday, September 19, 2012

March to the Moon Gameplay Review

I'm playing March to the Moon, a role-playing action shooter by Califer Games.

This single player game has eight levels in each of four acts, each of which has scripted enemy encounters that reduces replay value. March to the Moon does have impressive customization options: twelve classes (like flame, alchemy, and runes) with nine active and passive abilities each are available, which gives a lot of freedom in choosing your particular skills. There are some repeated themes in the abilities (a basic attack, area attack, improved weapon damage), but some unique abilities are also seen in each class. Eventually, you can pick an additional class, creating a unique character exhibiting different strategies each time you play. The controls for the top-down game are intuitive, and the constantly scrolling screen keeps you moving. Mana must be managed, so tactical use of your most powerful spells is important. The varied enemies (rats, bats, orcs, snakes, robots, and powerful bosses) each have scripted behaviors, but come in high quantities to keep the action constant and the pace flowing. Difficulty can be very high, especially if you choose uncomplimentary abilities. Overall, March to the Moon provides solid value at a $3 price point for fans of a challenging top-down shooter with extensive role-playing skill options.