Sunday, September 30, 2012

Skylight Gameplay Review

I'm playing Skylight, a procedurally generated jumping game by Moment Studio.

The randomly generated levels Skylight provides adds replay value, although the general layout patterns and steadily increasing difficulty stay the same; a bonus mode is unlocked when you complete the base game. The controls are typical for a first/third person game (WASD to move and the mouse to look), and you can toggle between first- and third-person perspectives. The goal is to bounce on each platform, navigating between them without falling. Landing on each platform produces a note, but the frequency of these sounds is not high enough to make memorable, user-generated music while you play. Piano notes bounce higher, cracked platforms can crumble, and glowing platforms grant an additional life. As you climb, the sky becomes darker and a head-mounted flashlight is used to see where to jump, adding to the high difficulty of the game. I found Skylight to be quite challenging; partially due to my ineptitude but also due, I think, to inexact, slightly inconsistent jumping physics. However, those interested in a challenging, casual, randomly generated jumping game will find their $2.50 well spent.