Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Guns of Icarus Online Gameplay Review

I'm playing Guns of Icarus Online, a team-based online airship combat game by Muse Games.

The game features a handful of maps, each with obstacles such as clouds and grounded objects so you can hide from and sneak up on your opponents. Guns of Icarus Online features three classes for your airman: pilot, gunner, and engineer. You can choose three abilities in your class, and one from each of the other classes; this allows you to focus on a role but provide assistance if needed in other areas. There are several ship layouts (small, speedy, weapons-filled, balanced) and the captain can customize the ship’s weapons. Learning the ship layouts is part of the game: you run around in first person, manning guns and repairing systems, which increases immersion significantly. The game has a strong focus on teamwork, as one person cannot physically do everything on their own. The pilot at the helm is in charge of steering while controlling speed and altitude. He can also spot enemies (it is difficult to tell who is on which team) and give orders to assist the other players. The gunner is in charge of the weapons, which include rocket launchers, flak cannons, mortars, flamethrowers, and gatling guns. The engineer can also come over and temporarily buff weapons (or any other system) to increase performance. The engineer must also extinguish fires and repair the ship’s armor, engines, and balloon. The chaos of battle is exhilarating, as each person scampers around the ship, fulfilling their role and taking down enemy ships. Guns of Icarus Online is a brilliant idea executed well enough to have an engrossing team-play environment.