Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Worms Revolution Gameplay Review

I'm playing Worms Revolution, a turn-based strategy game by Team 17.

The latest entry in the venerable franchise starts with thirty-two scripted campaign scenarios, including a slow, laborious mandatory eight-mission tutorial, and twenty puzzles where you must eliminate all of the enemy combatants with one unit. There are also deathmatch, fort, and classic modes (with none of the new features) that can be played against the AI or online. As before, your worms can be customized in appearance, and the map editor allows you to create custom layouts if the random maps aren’t good enough. New features in Worms Revolution include water that flows down hill, a worms receive damage if submerged. In addition, objects that can poison, flood, or explode when destroyed are present; they can also be moved around (using two of the new utilities in the game) for added variety and strategy. Also new are classes: in addition to the standard soldier, you have a scientist that heals the team, a fast-but-fragile scout, and the slow-but-robust heavy. New weapons are available that take advantage of the new features (like water bombs and UFOs to teleport objects), while the classics also remain (like the iconic holy hand grenade). The AI is deadly accurate at anything above brain-dead difficulty, so you must be precise with your shots. The sound design is noticeably improved, and while the worms and weapons have gone 3-D, the map textures are blurry and low-resolution. Still, Worms Revolution offers a slight step forward for the franchise at a reasonable price, as the new water, objects, and worm classes add just enough to justify purchasing the game.