Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Good Life Gameplay Review

I'm playing The Good Life, a boating management game by immersionFX and Iceberg Interactive.

In the game, you make money transporting tourists around tropical islands and collecting rent on purchased equipment. You are competing against a number of NPC opponents to accrue the most reputation, primarily earned by accepting bids from potential customers and delivering them quickly to their desired destination. Bid prices are automatically calculated based on reputation, so there isn’t any bargaining process to enhance the gameplay. There is a time limit for each task, which is usually easily attainable, and actually traversing between islands is a boring process. Controls are very typical for a boating game, though the map doesn’t make it obvious enough where the destination is located. In addition to moving tourists around, you can partake in diving quests, take photos or rescue civilians (by simply clicking), and avoid pirates and storms. Money earned through your taxi service can be spent on new boats (of the motor, sail, and yacht varieties) or real estate, both of which bring in additional income over time. Still, the occasional tedious side mission or bar purchase does little to break up the monotony of shuttling tourists around the islands of The Good Life.