Sunday, December 16, 2012

Eador: Genesis Impressions

I played Eador: Genesis, a turn-based fantasy strategy game, but the video recording did not work (twice). Nevertheless, imagine watching the game as you read my impressions:

The game was actually released in Russia in 2009, but only now has gotten widespread distribution with an English translation. Eador: Genesis is essentially a mix of Civilization, Disciples, and Master of Magic. A campaign with scripted objectives is present, along with single player games against multiple opponents utilizing randomized maps. Multiplayer is also available in hosteat and LAN modes. The interface isn’t terribly outdated, although some information is buried several menus deep and the low resolution graphics restrict the amount of data that can be displayed at one time. Hero units lead armies throughout the world, conquering new provinces and (hopefully) defeating other factions as well. Various buildings can be constructed in your stronghold province, unlocking specific units or upgrades. Your hero can also purchase weapons and items you have unlocked through constructed buildings, improving their stats. Troops of varying levels are also recruited based on which structures you have chosen to build. Heroes and their units gain experience during battle and can level up, giving you a choice of a permanent bonus to their attributes. Spells can also be researched and used in battle. Each province can be explored (which can activate tactical battle quests) or improved to bring in resources. Because of the randomized nature of the map generation, neighboring provinces can contain overly powerful defenders that can stunt your initial growth. The tactical battles are somewhat interesting with hex-based unit movement, spells, and special abilities coming into play. The AI is decent though not spectacular. Overall, Eador: Genesis is an enjoyable, feature-filled amalgamation of various turn-based fantasy themes at a very reasonable price.