Monday, December 24, 2012

Goodfolks Gameplay Review

I'm playing Goodfolks, a farming time management game by Hammerware.

The game involves running a farm: growing and harvesting food to make money and support your workers and animals. You are given several objectives, typically producing a specific resource or performing some other action on your farm. The land is divided up into tiles; first, you choose which crop to plant on each tile and then assign workers to clear the fields, plant seeds, and harvest the goods. You must click directly on resources when they are produced to add them to your inventory; you can easily miss items when your farm grows to several screens across. Workers and animals must be provided with food, which provide energy and happiness. There are some decisions to be made regarding which crops to plant and which tasks to assign workers to: sometimes you’ll need food, sometimes you’ll need to fulfill objectives, and sometimes you can use stockpiled resources to produce better-yielding crops. The interface is decent, highlighting idle and hungry workers, as well as available task locations. The game has a relaxed pace and offers a fast-forward option. Goodfolks isn’t the most original game idea and lacks advanced depth and tough decisions, but it is well executed for a casual time management game.