Thursday, December 20, 2012

Hairy Tales Gameplay Review

I'm playing Hairy Tales, an action puzzle game by Arges Systems.

The game features three environments with about twenty-five levels a piece (plus a tutorial), and you can skip any level that’s too difficult for your feeble brain. There are three goals in each level: you must clear corruption, collect mushrooms, and reach the exit. The in-game character will always run in a straight line, so you must place and rotate arrows, fences, and teleporters in their path to redirect them in the appropriate direction. You cannot rotate your view, which makes it difficult to see fence placement orientation. Rocks and trees are obstacles that cannot be moved, magic stones must be obtained before removing corruption, and enemies might be present that must be dealt with using various collectable items. You are allowed to adjust your layout while the character is moving, and you only have to collect or clear items once during your three lives (so you can purposely fail and clear the remaining items after a reset). The solutions are not as flexible as I would like, but the ability to fail and preserve what you have collected (and skip any level entirely) makes Hairy Tales more forgiving.