Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Minion Master Gameplay Review

I'm playing Minion Master, a card-based board game game by BitFlip Games.

The game features both single player and multiplayer games for up to six players, taking place on a number of board layouts that can be increased with the level editor. While Minion Master comes with several pre-designed decks, you can build your own; the interface is poorly done, lacking advanced sorting and search options. Cards either summon a new minion (unit) onto the board, or grant a bonus to a one or several units. Minions include fantasy (archer, dragon, knight, sorcerer) and horror (spider, zombie, werewolf, shaman) themes, and vary in attack, range, movement, defense, and health attributes. Minions also have different combat styles (area attack, line attack, trample) and automated tactics (attack close or strong enemies). You have some limited orders over your units (attack specific enemies or defend certain positions), which was initially disconcerting but actually works out well because of the number of minions involved and the tedium that would be required if you had to move all of them each turn. As it stands, Minion Master is a fast-paced game with simultaneous turn resolution to quicken the games even more. You earn mana each turn by discarding cards, and must spend it all the same turn, which makes decisions more immediate and interesting. The AI seems to be solid enough to be a compelling opponent. The cards and tactics of Minion Master are just varied enough to make the game appeal to fans of card-based board games.