Friday, January 25, 2013

Crusader Kings II: The Republic Gameplay Review

I'm playing Crusader Kings II: The Republic, an expansion for the role-playing grand strategy game by Paradox Interactive.

This time around, you get to control one of the merchant republics spawned during the time period (Venice, Genoa, Pisa, the Hanseatic League). The rules are slightly different: your main concern is placing and defending trade posts, which can be constructed in any coastal province (for a higher cost the further away you are from your home province). Much like traditional holdings, these can be upgraded to pull in more trade or tax income, and linking them together provides a bonus. Trade posts owned by your league but not by your family can be captured through plots, and trade posts owned by other leagues can be destroyed by winning an embargo war: basically, you bribe a large country to fight the war on your behalf (since merchant republics have mediocre army levies), if you have significantly good relations. Succession in the merchant republic is elective, and you can invest money to improve your chances. Alliances can still be made through marriage, but a high cash price must be paid to align with any female noble. At a $10 price point, The Republic offers enough unique changes, and a different focus, from the base Crusader Kings II formula to make the expansion a good choice for fans of the game.