Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Drip Drip Gameplay Review

I'm playing Drip Drip, a click management game by Imminent Games.

The campaign features a series of cities where you must stop leaks by collecting water. The interface has a significant number of shortcomings that makes playing the game more difficult: notifications display on the minimap but not the main screen, drips are not shown on the minimap, objects don’t de-select consistently, selecting objects near each other is difficult, unresponsive edge-of-screen scrolling makes multi-screen levels irritating, and there are no hot keys for selecting idle units. Water is caught using an unnecessary variety of containers that must be manually dumped out nearby windows. Puddles can create water damage, which then must be repaired (with a hammer) and swept up (with a broom). The pace of the game is very frantic as the storm rains increase in frequency. You also have to worry about various entities (ghosts, UFOs, lightning) that will try to destroy your items. Items level up with use, making their movement around the map faster. In the end, Drip Drip is a hectic click management game ruined by an insufficient, imprecise interface.