Thursday, January 31, 2013

Rush Bros. Gameplay Review

I'm playing Rush Bros., a music-based competitive platform game by XYLA Entertainment.

The game invovles two players racing through each level towards the finish line, competing for the fastest time. Rush Bros. has both split-screen multiplayer and online matchmaking, although the latter option never found any opponents for me; luckily, a single player mode where you compete against previous high scores is available. The game has thirty levels with some varied and innovative design elements alongside more traditional spikes and jumps, but you must unlock the levels in order; if you get stuck, you cannot proceed to a subsequent, easier layout. Rush Bros. allows you to import custom music, but the results are disappointing: there is no musical effect on level design or enemy behavior, and only subtle background pulses (seen most obviously during the menus) accompany the beats. The control scheme works better on a gamepad, and grabbing and jumping on walls is fairly straightforward. You can also collect power-ups that increase movement speed or grant the ability to double-jump. The difficulty of the game is inconsistent, as a tough level is typically followed by a number of easier adventures. The game works the best when it is fast paced and on the easier side, where two opponents could have close calls in reaching the finish line first. The inability to play any level of your choosing coupled with the minimal musical integration make Rush Bros. just another platform game, albeit with a racing twist.