Thursday, February 28, 2013

Aeon Command Gameplay Review

I'm playing Aeon Command, a one-dimensional real-time strategy game by Bat Country Games.

In the game, you produce ships that automatically move towards the enemy mothership and attack any enemies encountered along the way. The game features three short campaigns that serve as skirmish missions with the occasional specific objective. Aeon Command also features multiplayer, and upgrades earned by playing can grant universal ship upgrades transferable between all game modes. With no direct control of your units, your role is to purchase ships, order research upgrades, and use abilities. The ships can collect resources, attack from short or long ranges, or provide support roles. User abilities usually involve repairing ships or causing area damage, and research options increase the weapon and hull ratings for specific ships. You must also click on resources dropped from enemy ships, and the game’s pace means you’re usually busy ordering new ships or picking up items. The strategy involves the balance of new ship construction with existing ship upgrades. The interface allows for efficient ship production using the keyboard, but does not provide tooltips for ship information. The AI is fairly adept at playing the game, providing a good challenge on normal difficulty settings. While Aeon Command lacks a lot of depth due to its simplistic mechanics and lack of direct interaction, it does provide for quick, relatively inexpensive strategic gaming that might appeal to a casual audience.