Friday, February 15, 2013

Special Forces: Team X Gameplay Review

I'm playing Special Forces: Team X, a third-person online shooter by Zombie Studios and Microprose.

The game features five game modes: team deathmatch, control points, capture the flag, hot zone (a single control point that moves), and high value target (a single player, and his or her team, gets more points for kills). The inaccurate server browser, which sometimes connects to the wrong server, has erroneous ping values, and doesn’t save your filter settings, makes joining games more difficult. Before each round, players vote for three pieces to comprise the next map, a neat feature that breaks up the monotony of playing the same maps over and over. The individual map pieces are designed well, featuring several paths to allow for frequent flanking of enemy soldiers. Weapons and items are unlocked with experience points, granting new assault rifles, sniper rifles, and machine guns with attachments (scopes, muzzles, magazines). You can also equip two items (grenades, attack dogs, mines, health pickups), two skills (one active, one passive), and alter your appearance. Weapons dropped by defeated soldiers can be picked up, and the game displays a stat comparison for each new weapon before you swap. Special Forces: Team X is a cover-based shooter, and sprinting towards a wall or barricade will cause you to automatically hide behind it upon arrival. Grenades and attack dogs (along with the map designs) help to dislodge defensively-minded soldiers parked behind cover. You are allowed to spawn near friendly units if they are not engaged in combat, earning an XP bonus when near teammates. The pace (both movement speed and damage incurred) of the game is balanced well. While the game doesn’t feature any truly significant innovations, Special Forces: Team X is a well-designed title with a fast pace and in-game map customization options, offering an inexpensive alternative for fans of online shooters.