Sunday, March 17, 2013

Arma 3 Alpha Preview

I'm playing the alpha of Arma 3, a military shooter by Bohemia Interactive.

This early version of the game has four short missions covering infantry and vehicle operations, plus online multiplayer and a functional editor to create custom content. The graphics of Arma 3 are improved over its predecessor but run at seemingly the same performance level. The HUD has been cleaned up a bit (although the obtuse command controls remain), and the sound design features less robotic voice work. The controls have also been streamlined, utilizing more intuitive keys for each action. One highlight: you can now incrementally adjust your pose (the height of your stance) to make it easier to hide behind objects. Movement in Arma 3 feels more authentic thanks to the improvements in the control scheme. The beta is scheduled to be released this summer, with the full game following in Q3 2013.