Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Dollar Dash Gameplay Review

I'm playing Dollar Dash, a top-down competitive arcade game by Candygun and Kalypso Media.

The primary game mode involves four players gathering money, frequently shooting their competitors, and transporting it to a storage location; there is also deathmatch and tag. Finding a game is easy thanks to quick match and server browser options, and bots can replace human players if none are available. Games take place across more than ten maps, and bot difficulty, winning score, and available weapons can be customized. Money earned during games is spent on upgrades, perks, and cosmetic items like hats. While you cannot reconfigure the keyboard control scheme, Dollar Dash gives you several options for each action. Mouse aiming makes landing shots easier, although fast movement speed reduces accuracy. Your character can carry one offensive weapon, one defensive item, and one power up at a time; pickups regenerate quickly. Dollar Dash features quick games with a fast pace that almost always turn into utter chaos. It’s hard to keep track of what’s happening, and it’s way too easy to steal money, resulting in a lot of unfair exchanges and frustrating gameplay. You can successfully camp near the collection point and benefit from the hard work of other players. The AI bots play the game well, providing a viable offline option if human opponents can’t be found. Overall, the confusingly rapid speed and frequent random luck of Dollar Dash make it a less appealing multiplayer title.