Monday, March 11, 2013

The Showdown Effect Gameplay Review

I'm playing The Showdown Effect, an online side-scrolling action game by Arrowhead Game Studios and Paradox Interactive.

The game pits adversaries against each other in four free-for-all and team-based modes (although ranked games are limited to deathmatch only). The map designs offer multiple paths and levels for more varied encounters. The Showdown Effect has a well-executed and memorable theme (80’s and 90’s action movies), mostly accomplished through the sound design. Each character get a primary weapon, secondary weapon, and special ability, and experience points can unlock cheaply-priced new weapon classes (pistols, knives, RPGs) and expensive outfits and weapon skins. The control scheme allows for dodge rolls, sliding, swinging, wall climbs, and diving at enemies. You must aim over a target to register a hit, and melee weapons can block bullets and are great for close-quarters combat; additional melee weapons can also be picked up in each level. The game has a very fast pace, action-packed with friendly team kills and lots of frantic combat. The combat is balanced well, as each weapon has an appropriate situation and one particular item isn’t overpowered. However, other than the theme, The Showdown Effect doesn’t add anything too memorable or innovative to the online action game, although the low price tag may make the game enticing to the action fan.