Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Door Kickers Alpha Preview

I'm playing the alpha of Door Kickers, a tactical strategy game by KillHouse Games.

The game features pausable action in real time, with a number of missions where you must clear the enemies, rescue hostages, or defuse a bomb. Randomized enemy locations increase replay value, and a mission generator and campaign mode are planned for release. Movement orders are issued by clicking and dragging the path, and stationary units can be ordered to face specific directions. Units can also be instructed to use flashbangs, reload, or operate a spy camera under a door. SWAT team members will automatically engage enemy units, but the inherently unbalanced nature of the scenarios requires caution. Future plans include the inclusion of “go” codes for coordination, door breaching, and snipers. I would like to have the ability to mirror around corners, designate enemies to target or ignore, and to face a direction other than forward during movement. The game is planned for release in late 2013.