Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Monaco Gameplay Review

I'm playing Monaco, a cooperative top-down heist action game by Pocketwatch Games.

The game features over thirty levels in two campaigns. Each level is short (a couple of minutes), and your score is determined by the time it takes to achieve all of the objectives, plus a time penalty for not collecting all of the gold scattered across each map. The game is designed for online cooperative play, as the scenarios (especially later in the campaigns) are quite difficult for just one person in solo mode (you really need simultaneous special abilities of multiple classes). Classes include the ability to pick locks faster, spot distant enemies, collect nearby loot, melee attack, dig through walls, use disguises, create computer viruses, and distract enemies. You can also equip smoke bombs, shotguns, crossbows, C4, wrenches, and bandages to assist your burglary. Controls use the WASD keys to move and the mouse to aim (gamepads are also supported); moving towards an object interacts it. The AI enemies are basic and usually follow predictable patterns, but most of the levels involve lots of interesting puzzle solving with disguises, line of sight, security systems, computers, and carefully-placed obstacles and objectives. The difficulty is high in later levels for an uncoordinated team or solo criminal, but the rewarding cooperative gameplay makes Monaco a notable title.