Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Shootmania Storm Gameplay Review

I'm playing Shootmania Storm, a online first person shooter by NADEO and UbiSoft.

Shootmania Storm features a number of game modes, from last-man-standing free-for-alls to team domination to 1v3 survival to 1v1 jousts to checkpoint races, and allows for end-users to create their own. Customization also extends to the map editor, which uses an intuitive, approachable tile-based system quite similar to Trackmania. Shootmania Storm uses minimal controls (just move, shoot, and an action); binding “jump” and “sprint” to the same button is initially confusing, but your action is determined by the type of terrain you are standing on. There is also only one default weapon (a rocket launcher) that recharges automatically; alternative items (a grenade launcher or a sniper rifle) are granted by standing on specific tiles or by playing certain game modes. This allows for more skill-based results with no worrying about reloading or choosing the best weapon. The slow, steady, automated reloading also greatly increases the tactics, creating ballet of electric carnage. With no randomization in bullet placement and a balanced amount of armor points for fair engagements, the non-gory action of Shootmania Storm is appealing for those looking for a more thoughtful, skill-based online shooter.