Friday, May 17, 2013

Anomaly 2 Gameplay Review

I'm playing Anomaly 2, a real-time tower defense game by 11 Bit Studios.

The single player story mode is a retread of the original game: playing offense only with scripted enemy encounters. The missions can be very difficult with lots of enemy towers. You still cannot save your game mid-mission, and the game also lacks a map editor. Multiplayer is new this time around, however, where one player controls the squad and another places turrets, both sides earning points by destroying enemy units. Collected resources can be used to purchase new units and improve the technology level, unlocking more advanced units. The interface allows you to change squad movement paths and purchase new units pretty easily. The ability to accelerate time reduces potential tedium. Both units and towers have various attacks, and Anomaly 2 has a nice strategic balance with good counters for different adversaries. The squads can now morph units for quick tactical changes, and the towers have complementary attributes. Both sides can accentuate their efforts with different abilities (health, decoys, damage, build speed). While the single player game is a lot of the same, the multiplayer of Anomaly 2 is a big draw: it adds a lot of replay value and solid strategic competitive gaming.