Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Cubemen 2 Gameplay Review

I'm playing Cubemen 2, a real-time tower defense strategy game by 3 Sprockets.

The game features a single player campaign consisting of tower defense levels, or you can play online or against the AI in rescue (escort), skirmish (multiple tower defense), capture the flag, and territory control modes. Each game mode has a wide range of customization options, and matchmaking is provided for online contests. Cubemen 2 also comes with a robust level editor, and you can easily download new levels from within the game. Cubemen 2 differs from more traditional tower defense games by allowing you to move your units: infantry with flamethrowers, mortars, rockets, sniper rifles, and mines can be moved freely around the terrain, playing more like a real-time strategy game and allowing you to change your tactics on the fly. Cubes, earned by killing enemy units, are used to purchase new units, and existing units can be upgraded to recover health and expand attack power and range. Units will automatically attack nearby enemies, although you can designate specific targets. The interface only allows single-unit selection (thus no box selecting) and the mouse camera controls can be sluggish. Map designs can have interesting features like teleporters, healing spots, and packages that can temporarily increase damage. The AI is pretty good, offering a good challenge during the competitive modes. Overall, Cubemen 2 is an enjoyable light real-time strategy game with a nice amount of content.