Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Don’t Starve Impressions

I'm playing Don’t Starve, an exploration survival game by Klei Entertainment.

(FRAPS does not play nice with Don’t Starve, so I had to use an alternative recording program which does not work well, resulting in poor framerates and short videos)

You start by selecting a character (unlocked by playing, with different attributes) and customizing a randomly generated map where you must find five items to progress to the next level. Don’t Starve also features an adventure mode with more scripted levels, and permadeath to act somewhat like a roguelike. The interface displays crafting recipes for items, which helps to alleviate a lot of confusion. Collecting various resources allows you to create tools, fires, traps, weapons, magic staffs, research items, farms, and more. You must keep an eye on your hunger, health, and sanity; you can get easily distracted doing tasks in the game and forget to eat or camp. The environment is quite hostile, providing ample opportunities to die. There is a wide range of strange animals and monsters to encounter, plus several avenues for resource and food production for some flexibility. While the initial start is very repetitive each new game, the compelling, challenging gameplay of Don’t Starve has a lot to like.