Monday, May 13, 2013

Race The Sun Beta Preview

I'm playing the beta of Race The Sun, a procedurally-generated racing game by Flippfly.

The goal is to survive as long as possible before the sun sets. The game features procedurally generated infinite maps divided into regions, each of which has many different paths to follow; these help to keep replay value high. Controls are very simple: left and right arrows to steer, plus a button to activate an ability (jump). Collecting triangles increases your score multiplier, and boosts increase movement speed while delaying the sun’s inevitable journey below the horizon. Completing specific objectives (like collecting a number of triangles) unlocks new items and abilities. The difficulty is unforgiving: one head-on collision ends the game, although you can side-swipe objects (which resets the score multiplier). Despite its simplistic nature, Race The Sun has appealing score-chasing gameplay at a fast pace, and the randomized levels extend the value of the title. Look for the game to be released near the end of May.