Thursday, May 30, 2013

Skyward Collapse Gameplay Review

I'm playing Skyward Collapse, a turn-based god game by Arcen Games.

The goal is to allow both warring factions to survive by carefully balancing their resources while allowing them to cause some damage (there is a score requirement based on mutual destruction) and avoiding obliteration at the hands of the neutral bandits. Games can be customized in several ways, including the overall difficulty, map style, and event frequency. Cooperative multiplayer is available as well. The interface makes it too difficult to figure out which buildings you have already constructed and where they are located; these shortcomings prevent efficient gameplay. You are given a limited number of actions per turn (plus free placement during setup): placing buildings, rallying troops, repairing structures, spawning new land tiles, and placing loot. Raw resources are shared between towns, but buildings to produce finished goods must be repeated in each new village. Destroyed buildings leave ruins that cannot be built upon, restricting further development. Military units are automatically produced as resources become available, and units will automatically attack enemy and neutral units. You can also recruit powerful mythological units to help balance the conflict. Eventually, a powerful god appears for each side, and basic orders can be given to direct its actions. Random events called “woes” make games a lot more unpredictable and increase replay value. The gameplay is unique thanks to the goals: you must allow the sides to fight and increase your score while always maintaining a balance between the foes. Skyward Collapse has an interesting concept that produces a challenging, inexpensive ($5) game with a limited interface.