Sunday, May 05, 2013

Surgeon Simulator 2013 Gameplay Review

I'm playing Surgeon Simulator 2013, a surgery “simulation” game by Bossa Studios.

The game has three surgeries (heart, kidney, brain), both in a hospital setting and in an ambulance (with randomized bumps and turns that move everything around haphazardly). There are very lenient objectives: you only need to place the new organ near the correct location, and can discard all other “unnecessary” organs. It would be nice if more operations were available, but there is some additional fun to be had in the main menu. The controls are awkward on purpose: separate keys for closing each finger, while the mouse moves your arm and holding the mouse buttons lowers your arm and rotates your wrist. The result is hilarity, as you fumble about trying to complete even the simplest task; objects will “stick” to your fingers (whether you want them to or not) to assist in grabbing things. Various surgical instruments are available (scalpel, saw, hammer) to expedite untimely death. The game ends when your patient bleeds out, but you can stop the bleeding by poking them (in the eye, preferably) with a green syringe (just don’t poke yourself). Your score depends on the time the surgery takes and how much blood is left; online leaderboards would have been a nice touch. The physics engine is good enough to make everything as clumsy as possible. There isn’t much depth or longevity in Surgeon Simulator 2013, but the humor that permeates throughout the game will be worth the $10 price tag for some.