Tuesday, June 25, 2013

7 Grand Steps: What Ancients Begat Impressions

The game involves following a family dynasty through the ages as you make important discoveries. Tokens are used to move along the game board away from crocodiles (just like in real life); these are generated by partnering with AI players. Beads are collected to advance technology and make a new discoveries. Your first steps are to find a mate (some are more intelligent and more compatible than others) and then make children to inherit the family legacy. Tokens can be given to your offspring to increase their stats in specific areas; in this way, the talents of the parents are passed on to their young. Semi-random story tales and legend events reduce repetition a tad, but the game is drawn-out and involves the same basic couple of actions over and over again. That said, there is strategy involved in when to generate tokens and which tokens to use to maximize education and legend frequency. Despite its monotony, 7 Grand Steps is certainly a unique game, and that originality helps it to stand out in the computerized board game genre.