Saturday, June 15, 2013

GRID 2 Gameplay Review

I'm playing GRID 2, a racing game by Codemasters.

The game centers around a career mode that follows the growth of a world racing series; you’ll undertake events in different locations, earning fame to unlock more events, sponsors, and cars. Finishing in the top three (but not necessarily winning outright) is required to advance to the next stage. GRID 2 also has online play for up to 12 drivers, and experience can be spent to unlock car upgrades. There are multiple racing modes, from traditional lapped races to the “live routes” mode that dynamically alters the layout as the race progresses. You can also put the pedal to the metal in endurance, eliminator, drift, touge, checkpoint, and overtake modes, along with some timed events. The short race spans (even “endurance” races are only five minutes long) as designed for short attention spans. The graphics look very nice, and the various track locations have distinctive visuals. The cars cover the range of track-based vehicles, from muscle cars to touring vehicles and roadsters. However, GRID 2 does have some day-one DLC that adds additional content, so apparently paying full-price for the game is not enough anymore. The controls are typical for a racing game and designed around a gamepad. The AI is decent enough and a good challenge on harder difficulty settings. GRID 2 is definitely an arcade racer, as the short events, lack of a cockpit view, missing qualifying session, minimal car damage, and absent car setups all favor accessibility over realism. That said, GRID 2 is an appealing arcade racer that does what it does well.