Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Rising Storm Gameplay Review

I'm playing Rising Storm, a World War II first person shooter by Tripwire Interactive.

This is a multiplayer-only standalone expansion to Red Orchestra 2, set in the Pacific Theatre (it actually includes the RO2’s multiplayer for free). The maps offer interesting designs, and “action” or “realism” (lower health) settings are available for the 64-player servers across three game modes. The tragic issues with the AI in Red Orchestra 2 have been eliminated by not having any single player content (although online bots are still available). The two sides are asymmetrical: while the American troops have more powerful weapons (like automatic guns and flamethrowers), the Japanese have knee mortars, mined grenades, bayonets, and a banzai charge that causes suppression. The realistic core mechanics are retained, with suppression, morale, ballistics, and cover modeled accurately. Overall, Rising Storm is a much more polished experience than Red Orchestra 2 was at release and fans of brutally realistic online shooters shan't be disappointed.