Saturday, June 29, 2013

Survivor Squad Gameplay Review

I'm playing Survivor Squad, a top-down action strategy survival game by Endless Loop Studios.

A campaign mode features randomized levels connected on a map. Your objective in each city is to kill infected and gather the resources required to survive (food, gas) and craft new items. Characters level up with experience and gain new abilities. Two alternate game modes offer a limited budget or an endless series of randomly generated buildings. The interface requires a small amount of micromanagement, as units will automatically attack when stationary but not always while moving. You must also manually select the active weapon, and collecting items can be tedious. Some of the items are intriguing to use, and while most of the infected are easy to dispatch, there is some enemy variety that requires different strategies. Levels are short and action-filled. Fog of war depends on the direction your allies face, and the last few enemy locations are revealed to reduce end-level tedium. Overall, Survivor Squad is an enjoyable top-down shooter, with resource management, item crafting, and randomly generated levels that increase replay value.