Thursday, July 11, 2013

Gun Monkeys Gameplay Review

I'm playing Gun Monkeys, an online deathmatch platform game by Size Five Games.

The game is online only, so there are no bots to practice against (although the tutorial is quite entertaining). You earn cash, based on the amount of power you have left over after each deathmatch (and lose it if you are defeated), that can be spent on perks that increase the potency of weapons and items. Gun Monkeys features procedurally-generated levels, which dramatically increases replay value while producing some funky layouts. The game doesn’t feature any aiming (you can only shoot horizontally in the direction you are facing), which makes control cumbersome. You can double-jump, wall-grab, and use ladders, so those familiar with platform mechanics will feel at home. Collecting power cubs will regenerate your supply, which gradually dwindles over time. Dying also takes a chunk out of your power, as does placing mines. You can also utilize some interesting power-up crates and explodable crates to defeat the enemy. While Gun Monkeys can be an enjoyable platform shooter with fast-paced combat, the lack of aiming and absence of bots may dissuade some.