Sunday, July 14, 2013

Guncraft Gameplay Review

I'm playing Guncraft, a construction (and destruction)-based first person shooter by Exato Game Studios and Reverb Publishing.

The multiplayer game features several game modes (deathmatch, capture the flag, survival, cooperative onslaught, construction-based siege, and Minecraft spleef) and a good number of completely destructible maps. Guncraft also features a full suite of editors: weapons, prefabricated pieces (walls, bunkers, forts), and entire maps can all be constructed block by block and used in the game. You can also fully customize your class, choosing primary and secondary weapons, consumables, and perks. No AI bots are available to play against. Controls are a bit cumbersome, as using items and placing objects while under fire can be sluggish. Ballistics are simple, with random bullet placement replacing more realistic mechanics like weapon sway or bullet drop. Guncraft allows you to build (or destroy) blocks during a match, making new openings or creating defensive bunkers, and pilot a variety of vehicles. While Guncraft has tons of customization plus destructible levels that result in unique gameplay, a lack of polish is evident.