Thursday, July 25, 2013

NASCAR The Game: 2013 Gameplay Review

I'm playing NASCAR The Game: 2013, a stock car racing game by Eutechnyx.

The game features a career mode with full race weekends where sponsors give you cash for meeting objectives, which is then spent on upgrades to make your car more competitive. Race settings, including difficulty, length, and fuel usage, can be changed before each event. NASCAR The Game: 2013 also features online multiplayer that wildly varies in quality depending on the peer-to-peer host. You can also spend time with single events, head-to-head qualifying challenges against real drivers, race-specific highlight recreations, and custom paint jobs. Handing can be altered using the complete setup options, and various assists (steering, braking) can be enabled. NASCAR The Game: 2013 also allows you to rewind the last several seconds of each race to correct a user misstep. The game does automatically control your car during cautions and pit stops, but this allows you to use the nifty pitting interface. The interface can also (optionally) display nearby cars and real-time speed suggestions (slow, brake) for upcoming turns. Car damage is completely unrealistic even on the highest settings: cars rarely wreck out of a race, and vehicles can flip multiple times and be fully repaired in seconds on pit road. AI drivers are very aggressive when they are given an opening, although they will try to avoid human drivers and do not cause many cautions themselves. The graphics are mostly well-done with detailed tracks, cars (including cockpits), and effects (although some low-resolution artifacts from the original console game remain), and the audio features some famous names and helpful spotter feedback. While NASCAR The Game: 2013 does have some non-simulation elements (auto-control during pitting, car damage), it is a feature-rich, entertaining mixture of racing and approachability.