Friday, August 23, 2013

Camp Keepalive Gameplay Review

I'm playing Camp Keepalive, a turn-based strategy game by Twofold Secret.

Utilizing a unique, inspired theme, your job to is control camp counselors and rescue campers from enemies roaming in the forest. While Camp Keepalive does not have any randomly generated levels, there is a good selection of maps (though no level editor), and randomized camper and enemy spawning and movement increases replay value. Some scenarios also have alternate win conditions. Four counselors with different abilities (like calling nearby campers, placing more traps, instantly killing enemies, or attracting enemies by becoming “amourous”) are used at once time, and badges earned by rescuing campers before all of the counselors die unlock additional content. All counselors must take a turn with a limited number of actions, and each game takes place in phases where enemies and campers spawn and move between counselor actions. While enemies (like scary clowns, serial killers, and slime monsters) follow a pattern, campers move randomly until escorted by a counselor, increasing the tension over time as more regions of the map become hostile. Creative mechanics and a memorable theme make Camp Keepalive an intriguing turn-based strategy title.