Monday, August 12, 2013

CastleStorm Gameplay Review

I'm playing CastleStorm, a physics-based tower destruction game by Zen Studios.

The game features a campaign mode where you (usually) attempt to destroy an enemy castle or capture their flag. You can also play survival or skirmish modes against the AI or online. Gold earned during missions can be used to upgrade projectiles, units, spells, and abilities. You can also design a custom castle using the in-game editor, placing structures in the best defensive positions. The interface makes switching between categories using the mouse wheel a bit cumbersome, but it does use the number keys to quickly select items and aiming with the mouse is straightforward. Gameplay consists of several activities: shooting projectiles of varying abilities, spawning automated troops to attack the enemy, placing spells, or directly controlling a hero on the field of battle. This provides enough interaction to keep you busy during each scenario. Aiming does require some skill, as friendly fire is always active. In addition, destroying specific rooms in the enemy’s stronghold prevents those units and abilities; watching their careful designs crumble to the ground is satisfying. The campaign is balanced towards the easy end, but the AI does aim for important units and will irritate if given the opportunity. In the end, the mixture of tower defense, construction strategy, projectile aiming, and direct action makes for a unique title.