Thursday, August 08, 2013

Papers, Please Gameplay Review

I'm playing Papers, Please, an immigration document adventure game by 3909.

You are a customs agent for a Communist country in the 1980’s, responsible with checking visitor’s documents as they enter your proud country. The story mode offers many different endings and story elements that develop as you play, plus the challenge of providing for your family by purchasing food, heat, and medicine. Endless modes, unlocked after progressing through the story, offer procedurally-generated travelers in timed, perfection, or endurance modes with varying degrees of document complexity. As you progress through the story, more complicated passports, work passes, entry tickets, ID cards, and vaccination records become required, and it’s your job to find any and all discrepancies on the documents and highlight them: date of birth, ID number, expiration date, sex, picture, weight, height, city of issue, diplomatic seal, national stamp, purpose and length of visit. Since your salary is based on the number of people processed, you have to delicately balance between thoroughness and speed: a stressful experience. While not for everyone, Papers, Please offers unique gameplay in an interesting setting.