Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Race The Sun Gameplay Review

I'm playing Race The Sun, an arcade racing game by Flippfly.

Procedurally-generated levels are constructed every twenty-four hours, allowing for both leaderboard scorekeeping and variety from day to day. A level editor is also available to craft your own creations, and layouts can be shared from within the game. Attaining interesting objectives will unlock new abilities that can be attached to your ship. A cooperative relay mode allows others to continue the game where you left off. While you attempt to avoid a large variety of moving and stationary objects before the sun sets, collecting triangles will add to your score and increase your multiplier, while brushing an obstacle will reduce the score bonus. Slamming into something instantly ends your game, so careful piloting is a must. Jumps and boosts (a speed burst that raises the sun level) accompany the solid obstacles. Race The Sun is a very challenging game, with fast ship movement and relatively slow turning. Overall, the title is well executed and is an enjoyable diversion.