Thursday, August 29, 2013

Saviors Gameplay Review

I'm playing Saviors, a vertical shoot-em-up by Sharpened Edge Studios.

The story mode features eighteen levels of increasing difficulty; experience gained while shooting bad guys earns perks (such as increases to firing speed or hull strength) and new weapons. Survival and arcade modes offer slightly different rules and scoring, and two-person cooperative play is available on the same machine. The controls are very basic: move and shoot. One button will fire the primary weapons, one for the secondary weapons, and another to toggle firing modes, directing some of the bullets either to the side or towards the front. Damage is only received if enemy fire impacts the center of your ship, and the game displays where enemies will appear next for easier planning. The game can be difficult with lots of powerful enemies as you strive for that high score, earning multipliers and triggering many explosions. While there is nothing “bad” about Saviors, it also fails to offer anything innovative to the shoot-em-up genre.