Monday, September 02, 2013

Aces Wild Gameplay Review

I'm playing Aces Wild, a side-scrolling fighting action game by Culture Attack Studio.

The game features an arcade mode where you can start any stage in any area, a boss-only mode, and a decent tutorial (with gigantic text instructions). You can play the game cooperatively on the same computer, and a score is kept to compare your fighting prowess (or lack thereof, in my case). Controls consist of the following: a basic rapid attack, a more powerful crash attack, a panic attack that restores health, dodging to counter enemy moves, and dashing quickly across the map. Successful attacks increase your “wild”, which boosts both your attacks and those of your enemies. “Wild” can be spent on crash or panic attacks. While the fighting mechanics lead to some cool action-packed sequences, Aces Wild gets very tough at the end of each stage at the boss battles, featuring enemies with powerful attacks that require many hits to defeat. While this level of difficulty will be off-putting to some, the fast-paced action could appeal to fans of action fighting games.