Friday, September 20, 2013

Legend of Dungeon Gameplay Review

I'm playing Legend of Dungeon, an action role-playing roguelike dungeon crawler by Robot Loves Kitty.

Levels are randomly generated each time you play, giving a lot of replay value. The side-scrolling dungeons feature lighted doors to remember rooms you have been to and secret passages full of secrets. Keeping with roguelike tradition, death is permanent and you cannot save your progress. Four player cooperative gameplay is available, but only on the same computer. Your health and attack ratings automatically increase with experience, while holding or wearing items may boost your attack and defense. Gold is used to keep score and purchase items in the shop. Legend of Dungeon features a nice assortment of weapons (melee, ranged, magic), hats, and potions that have randomized enchantments. Combat is fairly basic, although some of the weapons are more appropriate different exotic, varied monsters. Legend of Dungeon features a nice level of randomization that makes each adventure play a bit differently, and fans of roguelike games will enjoy the difficult and loot-filled dungeons.