Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Shelter Gameplay Review

I'm playing Shelter, a survival adventure game by Might and Delight.

The game features a very linear level design and lacks an open-world mode free of restrictions. The short story only saves at the end of each level. Your five cubs do a decent job following you and keeping up. The shift key is used to run and ram into trees (dropping food), and left-clicking will call your young, pick up food, or pounce on prey from the bushes. The children turn grey as they become more hungry, and you must try distribute food to the most starved offspring. Predators will occasionally appear, requiring you to dash towards nearby bushes. You must also avoid rapids and fire, interjecting some platform-like puzzles into the game. In the end, Shelter is an extremely repetitive, linear, and short survival game that lacks much in the way of motivation unless you bond with your digitized cubs.