Thursday, September 12, 2013

Tenshu General Gameplay Review

I'm playing Tenshu General, a real-time strategy board game by SmartArt Game Studio.

The game features contests on six different maps against up to three computer opponents. Taking over provinces is accomplished in real-time, and you start by placing your Tenshu castle that can be defensively improved. Rice gathered at each of your provinces can be spent on upgrades or armies; provincial upgrades will produce more rice over time. Undefended provinces are captured immediately, resulting in a lot of tedious side-switching as your expensive armies cannot guard every important location simultaneously. Battle results are predictable, with different attack and defense ratings determining the outcome. The AI is not great, but good enough for an occasional challenge. While Tenshu General’s mechanics are streamlined and there are some important strategic decisions to make during each game, its lack of replay value and limited depth hinder long-term enjoyment.