Thursday, October 10, 2013

Bionic Dues Gameplay Review

I'm playing Bionic Dues, a turn-based roguelite by Arcen Games.

You have fifty days to repel the growing robot attack with your team of four mechs; each mech class has a different arrangement of loadout slots. You are given a good amount of freedom when choosing the next mission, which slightly vary the type of enemy and objectives between them. Missions are full of new items to equip to your mechs, enhancing weapons, shields, reactor, propulsion, or computer with randomly generated attribute boosts. During each mission, your four mechs occupy the same square, and you use a turn (when enemies can move) to switch between them. Each mech can have multiple weapons and abilities, and concentrating them in the same location reduces micromanagement while preserving tactical depth. The randomly generated mission layouts feature numerous obstacles to overcome, and your map clearly displays unexplored territory. The robotic foes are difficult in numbers. With pleasing customization options, randomly generated content, and streamlined controls, Bionic Dues proves to be an amusing light take on the genre.