Saturday, October 26, 2013

Gas Guzzlers Extreme Gameplay Review

I'm playing Gas Guzzlers Extreme, a combat racing game by Gamepires and Iceberg Interactive.

A campaign mode features several combative and non-combative racing events; finishing in the top-three will unlock new cars, weapons, and upgrades that can be purchased using race winnings. Quick races and online events are also available. Sluggish physics highlight the driving model. Gas Guzzlers Extreme has a good variety of weapons, but high car health and copious amounts of repair power ups make it exceedingly rare to destroy another competitor. In addition to the weapons, there are also power-ups to pick up on the track that generally provide defensive items (shields, smoke, oil, mines) and nitro boosts to give you that extra surge. The AI is competent but beatable, traveling in packs so your position changes rapidly. While Gas Guzzlers Extreme doesn’t add anything terribly innovative to the combat racing genre, it is a likeable title that covers all the basic tenants.