Thursday, October 03, 2013

Rise of Venice Gameplay Review

I'm playing Rise of Venice, a trading strategy game by Gaming Minds Studios and Kalypso Media.

A somewhat story-driven campaign gives intermediate objectives and gradually introduces game mechanics along the way. Free play, scoreboard (scenarios with objectives), and competitive multiplayer modes are also available. The interface makes it easy to find convoys located in port and at sea, and also makes it very simple to identify goods that can be bought and sold for a profit. Cities are your hubs for trade, where you can also equip your naval convoys, store items at a warehouse, construct buildings to produce your own goods or increase town prosperity, choose missions, make donations to the Pope through the church, and buy or sell ships. You will also level up by accumulating money over time, unlocking the ability to trade more goods, marry, or become Doge. Trading is very simple: purchase goods that are produced at that city and ship them elsewhere. While this straightforward process makes trading a lot easier in Rise of Venice, it’s also a bit boring to shuttle the same goods back and forth. You can program automatic trade routes when your trading empire becomes larger, and neutral traders affect supply and demand, but the game has almost streamlined the procedure too much. Naval battles, where you can directly control escort ships, do break up the monotony of trade a bit. Despite the inherent repetition, Rise of Venice is a simplified trading simulation that should appeal to those looking to get into the genre.