Wednesday, November 20, 2013

King Arthur’s Gold Gameplay Review

I'm playing King Arthur’s Gold, a destructible deathmatch platform game by Transhuman Design.

The predominantly multiplayer title does feature some single player content, such as an informative tutorial, timed challenges, and a set of levels where you have to defeat enemy soldiers and save a princess. 32-player online multiplayer features several classic game modes: capture the flag, “take the halls” (domination), and team deathmatch. Each of the game’s levels are destructible, and large explosions or weapons can cause buildings to collapse with some fairly impressive physics. Three distinct classes are available: the knight gets a sword and shield, the archer gets a bow and grappling hook, and the builder can collect resources and construct lots of different buildings. Mined resources can be used to construct walls, bridges, tunnels, shops, and weapons (catapults, longboats) that can change the landscape of the map. Each player has their role on the field of battle, and working together as a team is the key to success. King Arthur’s Gold is an appealing, chaotic platform game thanks to destructible levels, mining and construction, varied classes, and swift combat.